Mission, Values & Guiding Principles


CGS Family Partnership, Inc. is the Care Management Organization for Cumberland, Gloucester, and Salem Counties. 

The mission of CGS Family Partnership, Inc. is to maintain children and youth we serve safely at home, in school, and in the community by providing support, education, and advocacy; and connecting these children to appropriate services and resources. 

These children and youth are being helped with Emotional, Behavioral, Substance Abuse needs, and Intellectual / Developmental Disabilities. 


  • Families are equal partners in the service planning and delivery process.
  • The care /case management process will be supportive and respectful of family culture, values, culture, strengths, and preferences.
  • There is a belief and conviction that with the appropriate support all children and youth can grow, recover, improve and become healthier.
  • All children deserve to receive care in the context of a loving structured family environment.


Child, Family, and Community Safety
All services and supports are organized and delivered to ensure the safety and well being of the children, families and the communities in which they live.

Child Centered and Family Focus Practices
All practices address the whole person and their strengths and needs across all life domains.

All services are designed, organized, and delivered, using a team approach that supports partnership between children, families and their communities. Services and resources are accessible and provided in the communities in which the families live.

Strengths-based Approaches
The strengths of children, families and communities are continually assessed, appreciated, utilized and celebrated.

Integrated and Coordinated Care
All relevant systems are involved in a single plan of care that best meets the needs of the child and family.

Individualized plans of care blend an array of formal and informal supports
The plan of care meets the individual and unique needs of the family members. It blends an array of formal and informal support by building on child, family and community strengths.

The CMO will be an effective advocate at the child, family and community levels.

Cultural Competence and Sensitivity
Services and support reflect the unique values, beliefs, and traditions of families and their communities.

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