Child & Family Teams

What is a Child & Family Team?

Each Child & Family Team is made up of the people who know the child and family best. Team members are people who are able and willing to make a commitment to do whatever it takes to help the child and family make their life better.

Child & Family Team members include various people who work with the child and family to develop the best plan for the child's care. The Team may include professionals, such as a school social worker, a teacher, a DCP&P worker, a therapist or a probation officer. Vital to the team are informal/natural supports including aunts, uncles, cousins, friends and neighbors.

Care Managers and the Child & Family Team will create an Individual Service Plan (ISP) that is best for the family. An ISP is a plan which helps the family identify their strengths and then use those strengths to meet their needs. The Team creates the first ISP within the first thirty (30) days that a child is involved with CGS. Thereafter, the ISP will be reviewed and updated at least every two (2) months.

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